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Our Story

Over the years our family has fostered many puppies and kittens that no one else would and raised them in an environment where they were well socialized and cared for. We are doing the same with our beagles, making sure they live long happy lives where they're loved and cared for. Our family strives to produce puppies that are healthy both physically and genetically.

We got our first two Beagles in 2016 after researching the breed. We fell in love with the breed and their temperament. After some more research, we found a few mentors and friends in the breed that would help us achieve our goals and to be better breeders and improve the breed as best as we can even though not all of our dogs are show quality/worthy.

​We are a family-based program. We don’t raise just one size Beagle, nor do we raise just one bloodline. We raise Beagles that are in the 13” class and the 15” class. We will be there to help match our puppies to ensure they will be a forever companion for the family and their lifestyle. 

There’s no better feeling than when we match one of our precious pets with their caring new owner. It’s why we put so much time, love and effort into making sure these special animals continue to be bred.

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